Elder Decisions® provides mediation and training services.

Mediation for Family Meetings:

Elder Decisions® mediators are skilled at working with families in conflict, and with families who are simply "stuck."  As neutrals we enable all parties to have a voice at the table and to be heard. Working with the family as a whole or with individuals separately, in confidential sessions, mediators facilitate a conversation that can lead to increased understanding, an articulated vision of the future and lasting agreements.  For more detailed information about mediation, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


Elder Decisions® trainers provide dynamic, interactive training programs nationwide.

Conflict Resolution Skills Training programs teach professionals in the eldercare field to deal with conflict issues that arise in their work.  Geriatric care managers, social workers, nurses and elder law attorneys find these skills invaluable. CEUs for social workers and CCM continuing education credits are available for these programs.  

Elder / Adult Family Mediation Training programs teach mediators multiparty mediation skills for helping adult families better communicate and build durable agreements. CEUs for social workers are available for these programs.  

Our trainers also offer a unique Elder Mediation Teaching Institute (Train-the-Trainer program) for mediation trainers who wish to learn the content, practice the skills, and receive the materials needed to teach Elder / Adult Family Mediation.

Visit our training page for more information about upcoming public programs, or call us at 617-621-7009 to inquire about customized programs for your location.


Our parent company, Agreement Resources, LLC, provides the following related services, among others:

Family Retreats:

When it’s time to have important family discussions about the future, family retreats with a skilled facilitator can help the conversation go smoothly.  Parents who want to communicate their wishes regarding healthcare, living situations, or the family home, or to share information about finances, funeral preferences, or a will, often find that it’s easier to do so when someone outside the family helps.  Agreement Resources facilitators can work with families to design a retreat so that everyone has a chance to share what’s on their mind in a comfortable, safe environment.  Families appreciate the chance to come together to hear the same information at the same time, and often plan family-only time for meals, fun and socialization – for a memorable “family retreat.”

Conflict Coaching:

Sometimes, not all family members want to participate in a mediated discussion or a family meeting. In these situations, we often recommend conflict coaching for those individuals who are looking for suggestions on how to approach and work towards resolution with their siblings, parents, adult children, or others involved. Conflict coaches help clients identify their interests and develop strategies to speak with other family members to create mutually beneficial solutions.  Conflict Coaching services are provided by our parent company, Agreement Resources, LLC.

Life Coaching:

Whether you feel stuck with no clear direction in life, or feel like you’re going in the wrong direction, a life coach can help you get on a better, more satisfying life track.  Life Coaching services are provided by our parent company, Agreement Resources, LLC.

Life coaching is a confidential process that frees you to explore where you are now and where you might like to go.  It offers you the opportunity to identify what you like to do and what kinds of environments best suit you.  Part of the process involves identifying what barriers are in your way and how to navigate around them.  Unlike a therapeutic approach, life coaching is goal oriented and future focused.  Your coach works to empower you to pick a destination and help you develop the best route to get there - acting as a private strategist to help you along your way.  


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